Friday, November 11, 2016

BLOOD CEREMONY: Lord of Misrule

I Was Late to the Table
..but when I got there the food was no less delicious.  Lord of Misrule came out early this year and somehow I missed it until late September.  It has been in my car playlist ever since.  I spend all too much time in the car due to a lengthy commute, so I need to have good tunes, and like to rotate the albums in my playlist frequently.  But Lord of Misrule needs to stay in my car for quite some time.
What makes Blood Ceremony so cool is the way they take Sabbath-inspired guitar playing and seamlessly mix in flute, organs and folk-music themes.  Some bands with female vocalists tend to over-feature the vocals, and give the feeling that the singer really likes to listen to herself.  Alia O'Brien however, is a true rock singer - her singing is all about the tune, and not about herself.  And Sean Kennedy is a guitar virtuoso, always playing the most perfect and tasteful licks, whether playing distorted or clean.  The whole band are true rock professionals, and have yet to release any tune that is unworthy.  Check out "The Rogue's Lot".  It's subtle, but the bass and drum playing are super tasteful and are a big part of the guitar sounding so good.

And here is a playlist containing all four albums' opening tracks: The classic "Master of Confusion" from 2008's debut self-titled album, "The Great God Pan" from Living With The Ancients, "Witchwood" from The Eldritch Dark and finally "The Devil's Widow" from the new album.  Openers like these illustrate the ambition and straight-out balls that Blood Ceremony bring to the table.  If you drop out of any of these tunes early, you are truly missing out.  If not familiar with Blood Ceremony, grab yourself a beer or light something up and check out this truly unique rock band:
Pick up "Lord of Misrule" or any of Blood Ceremony's other releases here:Blood Ceremony on Rise Above Records.  The CD comes with lyrics, which are occult-inspired and thoughtfully written.

Blood Ceremony are:
Alia O'Brien: vocals, flute, wurlitzer, organ, mellotron
Sean Kennedy: guitars, chants
Lucas Gadke: bass, backing vocals
Michael Carrillo: drums, chants
Got another 2016 review for next weekend that I'm quite stoked about.  Until then, enjoy Grownman and his new writer Michael Jacques' posts, and stay heavy.     -ULTRA

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