Friday, September 9, 2016


Eighteen Wheels Burning's sound could be called "throwback", "bare bones", "raw" and even "vintage."  They are just a 3-piece band with sincere enthusiasm for rocking out.  What might prevent  you from loving them right away is Jeff Mackey's vocals.  His real talent is bass, and at times Jeff's voice sounds amateur and slightly off-key.  But when the band's sound and strong songwriting finally hook you (and they will), you'll realize that because the vocals are so average, you'll have no trouble singing along with them, increasing your enjoyment of the whole experience.

Here is the opening track, "Gorilla":

Now check out "Hard Times in NYC":
Eighteen Wheels Burning are:
Jeff Mackey: Bass, Vocals
Adam Valk: Guitar, Backup Vocals
Matt Cusack: Drums, Backup Vocals

You can buy "Dark All Day" here from CD Baby.

In case you didn't know, Jeff and guitarist Adam Valk are from New Jersey, and in the nineties were the driving musical force in a band called "The Want".  They had a singer (Kenneth Leer) who had a Robert Plant kind of quality to his voice.  But for me, Adam and Jeff stole the show in The Want, as they do in EWB.  Check out the guitar sound Adam pulls off, along with Jeff's perfectly complementary bass playing on "4 Pictures":

Got another cool one for next weekend.  Until then, over and out

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