Sunday, July 10, 2016


Puya is a heavy metal shooting star; brilliant and awe-inspiring, but fleeting.  Since 1995, they have released three studio albums, an EP and a live album.  But if you are not familiar with Puya, what a treat you are in for.  When I say that Puya consists of top-notch musicians, I don't think the words do enough justice for the level of talent that this band from Puerto Rico contains.  They seamlessly transition from metal to Latin, from rage to relaxed, without missing a beat.  My first introduction to the band was the tune "Fake", which appeared on a metal compilation album a friend of mine lent me, somewhere in the vicinity of the year 2000.  The tune was one of the few standouts from the compilation, and inspired me to purchase the album "Fundamental" (on cassette by the way).  After a few listens I NEEDED more, and got "Union" a couple of years later (on CD).  Union is a flawless masterpiece of non-traditional heavy metal for which no close substitute has ever been recorded. Here are two songs each from "Fundamental" and  "Union", but Puya's other releases are of equal quality.  First, the tune that first hooked me, "Fake":
(Lyrics are an equal mix of Spanish and English)
Now here's the next track on this album, the title track, "Fundamental", with bonus animated gratuitous violence included in the video:
Now hear Puya take their craft to the next level with the 2001's "Union" (the last full-length recording we got from these guys).  First, a straight-up metal track, "Socialize":

Now perhaps the most famous tune from "Union", "Pa' Ti Pa' Mi"
(think Carlos Santana after deciding he loves heavy metal)
If you already knew about Puya, maybe I inspired you to play one of their albums you haven't heard in a while.  If you are new to Puya, I hope I have inspired you to pick up one of their albums; you won't be disappointed by any of them.  By the way, it appears that Puya is about to do a live show: Puya News  Maybe a new album can happen soon???
Ramon Ortiz – guitars
Eduardo Paniagua – drums
Harold Hopkins Miranda– bass guitar
Sergio Curbelo – vocals
In any event, stay heavy.  This post is dedicated to Grownman, who I'm sure is workin' his tail off and will most likely return to posting soon with a vengeance.  Until  next weekend, I'm out

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