Friday, June 24, 2016

Farflung "5" Review


Sonic Cool
I don't see any way that Farflung's "5" fails to make my top ten list for 2016.  Now in its second decade of being different than everyone else, Farflung has released its best album yet.  For the uninitiated, Farfung is frequently labeled "Space Rock" or stoner rock, but I would say we hear musicians influenced by punk, heavy metal, hard rock and maybe dance rock.  Their tunes swirl and evolve, always with catchy rhythms and a unique really cool sound, creating sonic atmospheres like nobody else.  Here is track #5, "Lupine": (volume is your friend here)

Faflung had the perfect follow-up to that one: track #6, "Being Boiled":

Farflung are true artists, and bring dedication,sincerity and originality to the table with every release.
They are:

- Tommy Grenas / vocals, synth
- Michael Esther / guitar
- Ryan Kirk / guitar
- Andrew Scott / guitar
- Paul Hischier / bass
- Rodney Rodriguez / drums (awesome)
Note: Score another one for Heavy Psych Sounds Records.  


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