Friday, May 13, 2016

Quick Review - Hatebreed's The Concrete Confessional

The Concrete Confessional
I'll put it short and sweet.
This album is incredible.

Fueled by the injustices of this world Hatebreed seems to be able to always put into words and music the frustrations many of their fans can relate to.
From government corruption to the abuses of power based on religious dogma, Jasta and Company tap into that anger and vitriol to create an amazing soundtrack to this world burning around us.
It is difficult to hear this album and not wanna take a sledgehammer to something or someone.

If you were a fan of the band's earlier work, there is plenty of that old school hardcore to sink your teeth into. If you are generally a fan of heavy metal, you are definitely going to find that the band has tapped into their more "metal" side with many thrashy riffs and chugs.

Jasta's clean singing has come a long way and is probably his best singing overall. The band musically is on top of it's game and the production is stellar.

What I enjoyed the most about this album is that Hatebreed never retraces it's steps. Old school fans will love the aggression and the way the lyrics sink in rather quickly. But there are few instances on this album that I ever say this material sounds anything like their earlier albums. Aside from the title of the track "Walking the Knife" which automatically brought to mind the title of their first EP "under the knife" I can say that this album is a new stage of Hatebreed.

Few bands can say that this far into their career they sound as heavy if not heavier than their earliest and most primal times. The Concrete Confessional may be their heaviest and most "Metal" album of their careers. As a fan I say thank you.

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