Sunday, May 29, 2016

LOOKING GLASS: Volume 4 Review


Last weekend I reviewed the new Planet of Zeus album, which represented a dramatic re-invention of the band.  This week's review continues on that theme: Looking Glass was not content to repeat the awesome take on Sabbathy rock that "III" represented.    Volume 4 brings lots of changes in pace, infused with frequent detours from the realm of doom, invariably to return to the heaviness that Looking Glass fans crave.  This band has continued its evolution to a point where we actually at times hear funk and doom fused for the first time.  Hear at about 2:44 into the lead-off track, "Before I Hang".
Here's another great, entitled "Sleeper Cell":
I hope you recognize how good the band you just heard is.  "Volume 4" represents the third consecutive time that Looking Glass has managed to outdo themselves.  Find Looking Glass on Bandcamp here: Looking Glass on Bandcamp.  
Looking Glass is:
Clinton Paine - drums
Marcus De Pasquale - guitar/vox
Lachlan Paine - bass/keys

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