Tuesday, May 17, 2016

HMT's Quick Review - Vektor's Terminal Redux


Before you toss this album on, check your vitals, hike up your big boy/girl pants and prepare yourself for a sonic pummeling that will leave you in a daze hours after the last track has blasted through your stereo. Fast as fuck-thrash your face off-metal awaits you on Vektor's latest release, Terminal Redux. Having seen them earlier this year during their tour with Voivod, I knew what to expect. Or Did I? This may be the fastest and heaviest album of their career.

I've been into Vektor for several years and was quite ecstatic to meet these guys in person. They are the epitome of a hard working thrash band. They sell their own merch, they head bang with the masses after lugging their own equipment on and off the stage and they will make everyone move on the dance floor before the night's over. Move over Overkill, Megadeth and the many veteran outfits who've tried to retrace the tracks of their glory days. Vektor have come to rip the crown from your balding domes and lay waste to false metal everywhere.

If you are a fan of screeched out vocals, sonic face melting and epic songs about space. You must buy this album. (Drops mic.)

Vektor is

David DiSanto – guitar/vocals (2002–present)
Erik Nelson – guitar (2004–present)
Frank Chin – bass guitar (2008–present)
Blake Anderson – drums (2007–present)

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