Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Album Blitzkrieg #2

Here is a track each from three new albums

GREENLEAF: "Rise Above The Meadow"
I gave a positive review for "Trails And Passes", Geenleaf's 2014 release, but felt it had a more polished, less raw sound than prior albums.  "Rise Above The Meadow" is more energetic sounding, and instantly likable.  Songwriting is always a strength for Greenleaf, but I prefer the way Rise Above was recorded over the sound of Trails and Passes.The week I found this new Greenleaf, I had just been listening to Trails and Passes.  I must have had a premonition.  Here is one of several great new tunes, "A Million Fireflies":

KARMA TO BURN: "Mountain Czar"
There isn't a tune you shouldn't check out on this album.  William Mecum is the one constant in this band over the years, yet they have been surprisingly consistent over their entire existence.  Listen to how years of writing and performing instrumental rock tunes pays off here.  Every tune is a tutorial in transition and sequence.  KTB has yet to let the consumer down.  
(Spoiler Alert:   One of the tracks has vocals:  a Tom Petty cover, sung in Italian)

DRUID: Osysseus

This Ohio band made as much jump from "Paper Squares" to "Odysseus" as Elder made from "Elder" to "to "Dead Roots Stirring".  They are so varied in terms of sound, it's hard to tell what direction they are headed in, but what's clear is that Druid is made up of legit musicians.  Once again, every track on this album deserves to be heard, but here is "Tocharian Shrine."

I found this band through following Bandcamp users.  Someday Bandcamp will be recognized for what it has done.  Easily as important an internet application as Facebook.  Bandcamp is helping to keep my favorite kinds of music alive, and yours too.  
Hope I "played" something you liked.  I'll be back next weekend, but Grownman always posts quality stuff throughout the week.  Rock on   -ULTRA

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