Monday, April 25, 2016

"ME"TAL 101: Michale Graves Collision Course

Last time we spoke with Michale Graves (see interview here), we took an in depth look at the monster rock anthology, THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS. What an incredible album that is and I implore you to pick it up. We cut three years to the present and Michale has recently released one of my favorite albums of the year. Michale is scheduled to appear in Providence, RI on May 1st at the Firehouse 13 venue. We were fortunate to catch up with Michale about his new album "When Worlds Collide" and I may have even tossed in a few personal requests for that Providence date to boot.

HMT: When we last talked you were set to release Lost Skeleton Returns. When Worlds Collide seems to bring together the energies of both that album and the Vagabond/Wanderer albums. Is that in a sense the "Worlds" that are colliding on this?

MG:Wow, I am really pleased and impressed. That is EXACTLY what we were going for with this album – that’s why we named it “When Worlds Collide”. This is pure convergence.

HMT:You've always seemed really confident as a singer/songwriter but I have to say as I hear each new album you seem to feel even more comfortable in your skin. Can you pinpoint any changes in your personal life that have attributed to this maturation process?

MG:Having a team around me I have been with Hydraulic Entertainment for almost 4 years now – its incredible to be part of a team. And having my business partner and collaborator Mark Allen Stuart (CEO of HE) creates the perfect environment for creative expression.

HMT:As a long time Michale Graves era misfits fan, I want to personally thank you for your sequel to Crying on a Saturday night with Dying on a Sunday Morning. Your music defines very special moments in my life and "Dying" has become a personal bookmark on this specific moment in my own life. What inspired you to write this sequel?

MG: Thank you. Mark had the idea of extending the story..and creating a next chapter in that story – it was a tough challenge – but I am really happy with the result! Oh and a little insider info….we have just announced that we are going to produce an acoustic version of WWC… titled “Bedlam”… coming to you in early June.and there is a surprise for you on the album….if you liked “DOSM”

HMT: I'm truly excited that you are playing Providence once again on this tour. I heard only great things about your last time in the area and I'm finally going to be able to see you for the first time since the late 90's with the 'fits. What are your memories of playing in the Rhode Island area and can we expect the unexpected when you come back to town?(side note) I'm requesting "ROBOT MONSTER" as well as "Dying"...just saying!

MG: I cant wait to play that show! Make those requests! We are ready to play them!!!

HMT: Lastly since we are talking about Providence and you gave us awesome incite into your favorite horror movies last time we talked. Are you an HP Lovecraft fan and will you be visiting his grave at the famous Swan Point Cemetary if you are?

MG: Yes I am a huge fan. HPL is on my list of “10 people to have dinner with”. Never visited his resting place – would be incredible.

HMT: Thank you so much once again Michale. We only receive great feedback when we let our readers know about what you are up to and promote your music. See you in May.

MG: Richard…thank you!

Michale Graves will be headlining his current tour at Firehouse 13 on May 1st in Providence, RI. Don't miss this chance to hear the best Punk Rock Music around!!!!

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