Friday, April 29, 2016

Fast Finds

Time to dirty up your speakers. It's beginning to look like Spring in the Northeast. That means you need to roll down those windows and scare your neighbors with this month's fast finds. I've handpicked some nasty selections this week, now let everyone in the vicinity of your gremlin know what's up.-grownman

Track: FIRE 
Wastëland Riders - Speed Rock & Roll (EP)
Venom worship has never sounded so good. The chaos is all around us on this one. No speedtrap is gonna keep the Wasteland Riders from crossing the border of town and drinking all your beer. One track for now, several to come when this is released. It even includes a cover Venom's quintessential, ground breaking "BLACK METAL".

Track: Wake the dead/Confer the vile 
Under the Church - (album title unknown)
It's always a pleasing feeling to choose a track to listen to based on raw cd jacket cover artwork and a band title that doesn't leave much guess work. Love this slow plodding and vile sounding track. This is what you'd expect to pull from the catacombs of a Icelandic church.

Warfist - HellTyrant Rising EP
I'm always down for a band giving me exactly what I expected and doing it in a way that's neither polished or truly groundbreaking. If the recipe isn't broken no need for another chef in the am I talking about? Straight up Polish death metal that sounds like it was recorded through a a broken speaker. 2008 must've been a good year....well except for the whole wall street thing bankrupting america for generations...

Bacteria Cult - Kaada/Patton
After 12 years (I honestly knew nothing of their previous collaboration), Mike Patton and composer John Kaada join forces to create some more weird shit. By now Mike Patton has enough street cred, money and a legacy as long as any to create whatever the hell meets his fancy from day to day. This was mastered at Abbey Road which means that their is high quality polished lushness to each track.
If Patton chose to take a dump in a box and sell a limited edition box set of it, there will be an audience to buy not only the dumpage but also the soundtrack of it's creation. For me this sounds like Mike Patton is sitting in his home theater humming and moaning along to his favorite 50's and 60's cult favorites. Sometimes I feel like Patton is truly playing all of us a fool. OG Trollage.

Arms - Blackout
Hell this will tear your soul out and wave it in your face like a wash cloth waiting to be thrown in the dryer. If you love Converge like me, this is going to be right in your proverbial wheel house. Devastation awaits the listener.

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