Friday, March 25, 2016

She Loves Pablo: Try Mandarin

Hunan Style Stoner Rock 

She Loves Pablo is from Zagreb, Croatia.  I first heard them on and liked whatever tune I heard enough to go find the album and try it.  I bought "Mother Of All", and ended up with four of the ten tunes "favorited" on my computer.  "Try Mandarin" is their third studio release, and is more varied in its musical atmospheres than the other two.  This is not necessarily representative of the album, but one of the cooler tunes; it's called "Gods Will Hammer Down The Town To Find 
She's Not Around." 
Now, my favorite from the first album, This is "No" from "Mother Of All":

She Loves Pablo: 
Domagoj Šimek - vocals, guitar 
Dimitrije Đokić - guitar, keys, percussion, vocals 
Hrvoje Jelen - bass 
Leonard Klaić - drums 

You can grab any of the tunes you want here:

I tried Mandarin, and while I won't eat it every night, I will be ordering this from time to time.  Hope I got you to hear something different.  Catch you next time;      -ULTRA

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