Saturday, March 12, 2016


Here is a track each from three new albums

CHURCH OF MISERY: "And Then There Were None..."
I love the way this album was recorded.  This is the best sound an already awesome and devastatingly heavy band has had to date.  "River Demon" is an early favorite for me:

SON OF A WITCH: "Thrones In The Sky"
If Son of a Witch's next album is even close to as good as this one, then they may very well be headed for the same category of greatness as fellow Brazilian metal bands Sepultura and Soulfly. "Thrones In The Sky" is available on bandcamp .  It contains five tracks, clocking in at just under an hour of music.  Here is the album's opener and title track, "Thrones In The Sky."  Check out the awesome heavy sound, and the band's ability to keep the tune interesting for the entire ten and a half minutes:

DOPE SMOKER: Marijuana
This band from Wales has a limited repertoire in terms of what it is trying to accomplish, but what they do, they do really well.  Some tracks are a bit boring, but there are several that I really like.  They have a Kyuss-inspired sound, delivered with a cool vibe .  This is track seven of ten:     "Legalise It" (the main lyrics in four of these ten tunes)
This album is "Name Your Price" too, so if you liked this track, go download the album and you'll find several others just as good.
That's it until next weekend; Stay Heavy!


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