Friday, March 18, 2016

Grownman's Fast Finds - March 2016

Here we go, the long awaited March edition of Grownman's Fast Finds. There's a whole lot going on this month and I'm highlighting some stuff you probably haven't heard of yet. Just check it out and let me know what you think. As always, grab that "Oh shit" handle and let's take a ride down to the electric bugaloo. (CLICK RED TITLES TO CHECK OUT THE ALBUM STREAM)

Hyperion - Seraphical Euphony 
Wow! I'd heard of the band's name but not their music until now. Swedish Black Metal at it's best. This is beyond epic and heavy as hell. The production is super clean and the guitars are so bright on this. The percussion is nothing short of high powered weaponry on the battlefield. The songs are sweeping and grandiose. Some of the elements touch upon the gothenburg sound and even include some pretty kick ass piano in it's symphonic orchestration. The total album is a glorious soundscape of Black Metal that's never stagnant or too over the top that you lose where you're at. I highly recommend checking out the title track "Seraphic Euphony", it's beautiful. A definite find for fans of DISSECTION.

The Grindmother - Age of Destruction
What can I say? A granny doing grind. It's worth checking out.

Total King Diamond worship. If you call yourself a fan of bands like Ghost, Merciful Fate or the King himself you might just want to throw this in your collection. This brings to mind bands that emulate the Misfits sound and image. Them take their music seriously and perform it at a high caliber.

Voivod - Post Society
Happy I was able to see Voivod live and hear a tune off this new album. Their performance completely changed my perception of the band being some type of progressive metal I couldn't completely wrap my head around. Voivod have always been way ahead of the trends in metal, making their own paths and influencing many of rock's finest artists today. This still possesses many of the Voivod signature elements yet somehow seems even more accessible than a lot of their earlier work. If you were ever skeptical about the band like I was, this is the album to try out.

Top Gun - No More Youth
Always happy to place some eyes and ears on a new band out of Massachusetts. The vocals immediately stood out when I first listened to this album. Reminded me quite a bit of bands I used to hear out of the western part of the state circa early 2000's mixed with some good ole early Vision of Disorder. These guys make the most of a 4 track EP with hard hitting hardcore from the mean streets of Lowell Massachusetts. I highly recommend checking out the track Das Gruben for starters.

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