Saturday, March 19, 2016

DUEL: Fears Of The Dead

DUEL: Fears Of The Dead
A Hard Rock Gem
"Fears of the Dead" is a pretty flawless hard rock album.  Well-written, perfectly executed and expertly recorded tunes, cover to cover.  Precious few debut albums ever hit a home run like this one did.  Duel is from Austin, Texas and two of them (Tom and Shaun) were former members of Scorpion Child.  Turns out they have a great chemistry, and Duel hits the ground running with an instant candidate for hard rock album of the year.  Check out "Fell to the Earth", and then "Electricity":

"Fears of the Dead" is on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, known for great finds.  

Duel is:
  • Tom Frank Guitars / Vocals
  • Shaun Avants Bass / Vocals
  • JD Shadowz Drums
  • Derek Halfmann Guitars

Signing off.       -ULTRA

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