Thursday, February 11, 2016

Grownman's Fast Finds is Back!!!!! FROM HELLL!!!!!

Let's kick off a new year with a new Grownman's Fast Finds. That's right, the tasty buffet of the years best heavy metal 'so far (handpicked by me) is back! (don't worry I've frebrezed my hands) As always I cover some new stuff and dabble in some lost gems as well. Hold onto your seats, my vehicle is all things heavy and I've cut the straps on every seat belt. Wildcard bitches!!!

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Abbath is the man with the most immaculate corpse paint in Black Metal. Seriously this dude should be the spokesperson for the makers of Halloween grease paint worldwide. The former front man of Immortal with a voice that sounds like a zipper on Satan's fleece coat has produced an album of high octane Black Metal. It's fast paced and filled with an uproarious set of bounce driven rhythms throughout. I can't believe how much I'm head banging and bobbing along to this album. Why do I feel like this album will be the one that gets most young Metal fans into the genre this year? This is very accessible.

Graves at Sea - The Curse That Is 
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This is damn good cult sludge/doom. Check out their self titled track that is now available on their bandcamp. The vocals are very distinct. Like howling witches in the basement of a catacomb on a stormy night. The sludge doom portion of the track is as grinding as you'd hope for. Like a couple of motorbikes revving and grooving to a good ole sabbath tune. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album when it's released in April off Relapse.

Deathmole - Present Peregrine
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This is one of my favorite metal projects on bandcamp. I actually think Deathmole's Permanence album is one of the best ever uploaded to the site..ever!!! So I was truly excited to hear what he came up with in November of last year. I was not disappointed. This is the finest Post Metal you'll hear today and he's from my old stomping ground, Northampton, MA. The town is known for it's eclectic mix of hipsters, hippies, street musicians and good ole slap you in the face politics. The musicianship on this covers the gamut. It's an instrumental soundscape of epic proportions. It takes the djent style of playing and twists it into various leg locks and arms bars. Just check it out for yourselves. This is so goooooooooooood! This is the future of what I hope Metal's here now.

Lionheart - Love Don't Live Here
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I love Lionheart. It brings me back to 1994 when I went to my first hardcore show. Their lyrics don't pull punches. The musicianship is three dashes Hatebreed to two of Sworn Enemy. Even a 40 year old married guy like myself can reach down and find that old pissed off dude in the choruses of these songs. Once a hardcore kid, always a hardcore kid. IF you're not moshing to this album right from track one, hang up your battle vest and get to steppin. "Keep swinging from my nuts"...can't beat those goddamn lyrics.

Tombs - All Empires Fall
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Tombs are back after the critically successful Savage Gold album. All Empires Fall, a five song EP, has a bit more groove and sexiness if you can call it that. I mean it's Black Metal or is it a dirgey rock meets industrial meets post something or another. Sometimes the hardest bands to define are quite simply the best. Just listen to Deceiver and see what I'm talking about.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Arc
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I saved the best for last. This was highly recommended to me from my cuz,  Freddy Slattery, a fan of the site and always a great judge of great metal music. All i can say is WOWWWWWWW. Thick slabs of sabbathy bacon and a screeching vocal layer of mayo make up this mighty fine stoner sludge sandwich. It's so tasty that when I'm grooving to it, I make that ugly face. You know that face when the music is so dirty and evil you squint your eyes like you smelled someone take a nasty shite. Three tracks of grinding gears and ripping faces off. Can you stand it? You must.

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