Sunday, February 14, 2016


Another Flashback post; why not?  Here are a few greats from 1975;  If I left off a favorite of yours, it's inevitable - there was too much great rock this year to give fair credit to here.  But I'm picking some stuff that has an extra special place in my heart.

First, if I could keep only one of my Led Zeppelin albums, Physical Graffiti would be the one.  Not just because it's the longest, but because I truly love each tune on it.  
Next, some classic RUSH.  This band was truly bad-ass.  This whole album's great;  Was tempted to go with "By-Tor and the Snow Dog", but here's the lead-off track from "Fly By Night", "Anthem."  At about 2:25, check out Alex's soloing.  So tasteful!
Aerosmith's "Toys In The Attic" had the title track, "Sweet Emotion" "Big Ten-Inch", and this one; "Round And Round":
Budgie was starting to evolve in '75, but put out their fifth quality release in a row with "Bandolier".  Here is "Breaking All The House Rules":
Next, Uli Jon Roth ripping it up on guitar as well as handling the vocals for a track on the Scorpions' third album "In Trance".  Here is "Sun In My Hand":
Now, two by guitar legend Tommy Bolin.  First, a track from his very underrated album as Ritchie Blackmore's replacement in Deep Purple.  If you look for this album to sound like the Deep Purple you know, you will be disappointed, but if you just listen to it for what it is, I think you'll agree it's one of the best albums released in 1975.  Here is "Love Child", from the album "Come Taste The Band".
Tommy also managed to put out his first solo album in 1975, and it's also among the best the year had to offer.  Here is "Homeward Strut", from Tommy Bolin's "Teaser" album.
Finally, if you still have some time (roughly twelve and a half minutes), RUSH managed to release not one, but two classic rock albums in 1975.  Here is "The Necromancer", from RUSH's "Caress of Steel".  Precursor to heavy metal, for sure.

Jumping back up to 2016 with another album review next weekend; until then, stay heavy!

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