Friday, January 15, 2016

LOTD! Motorhead "Thunder & Lightning"

Thunder & Lightning

Today's LOTD! comes via heaven or hell, wherever the spirits came from to help Lemmy and Company come up with this fine fairwell. More than fine. This album made me a believer. As hard as I tried to once again dismiss Motorhead as a one note heavy metal band, this album takes the band into numerous landscapes and territories. From fast as lightning to reflective, Motorhead left the fans, new and old, something they could bite their teeth into. Perhaps even leaving us wanting a whole lot more of the same. We shouldn't have expected anything less from Lemmy, a guy who's life embodied Heavy Metal and Rock and Roll. Thunder & Lightning is a autobiographical tale of what it takes to be Motorhead and what it takes away from you, being Motorhead. It's the yin & yang. Lemmy was a father who barely saw his son. His home away from the road was a dive bar where he drank and played gambling video games. His drink of choice, Jack & Coke is now being called the Lemmy. When Lemmy passed in December, Motorhead called it a day. Lemmy was Motorhead. He lived to play and played to live. When the day came and he could play no more, he settled up to the bar one more time and played his last hand. The landscape of Metal and Rock & Roll will be forever changed by Motorhead. Fortunately we have an incredible swan song to lean on. Especially for me who just really got into the band on this album. So enjoy Thunder & Lightning and listen to it's story.

"All of your dreams can really come true
All of your nightmares are waiting there, too"

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