Friday, January 29, 2016

LOTD! Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart

Hey we're back for a quickie. No time to lose the socks. Iggy Pop is making some news, he collaborated with Josh Homme (KYUSS/QOTSA) for his new Post Pop Depression album. After hearing two of the leaked tracks, I find it ironic that this new album's sound borrows strongly from the recently passed David Bowie's Berlin era. I've never been a Iggy Pop fanatic. I appreciate what he's done for music and how unique he is. Not unlike Bowie, his music has continued to be relevant for decades. He's not only a musician but also an actor. He's an enigma very much like Bowie as well. SO I really do dig this new offering by Iggy. Unintentionally, it pulls on the heart strings a bit more now that the spaceman has departed.

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