Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 a year of randomness.....

I was M.I.A. throughout the year of 2015. After suffering the loss of an important friend who without his support I probably wouldn't be here today, posting news about music was my last priority. It's 2016, a lot has changed about how I feel about music. I see a ton of new releases scheduled to "drop" in the coming year which has made me really excited for the first time in a long time. Will I post my daily picks of the day? I'm not gonna put that type of pressure on myself right now. I'm just looking to move forward in a much more positive way on this site. Maybe we break open the blog to cover more stuff outside of the realm of just Heavy Metal. Maybe we even change the name if it comes down to it. Who knows? It's a year of randomness. As always, I'm looking for new voices and new perspectives on music. I will be once again reaching out to the interwebs for new content and writers. It's time we do something new and I can't see the blog continuing in it's stagnant state anymore. I want to thank the bands who we've done interviews with in the past. We may just have to follow up with them if they are willing to take some time to answer more questions. I also want to thank ULTRA, who's kept the blog alive while my content was really on life support. He's got some great ideas for the new year and we need more people involved to successfully achieve them. So here's to the new year. For some reason Green Day's Dookie popped in my head this morning. I needed to hear it and reach out to a former version of myself to gain the inspiration to move forward like this. So here's my goddamn pick of the day. Enjoy it. It's a great album as you know and I still remember every damn lyric. Peace - grownman  (love ya Puma, I'll never forget ya) 

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