Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Heavy Eyes: "He Dreams Of Lions"

THE HEAVY EYES: He Dreams of Lions

What Do You Call This?

The Heavy Eyes have been around for a while, but are new to me.  A quick Google search will show them characterized as Psychedelic Blues Rock, but the first bands that come to mind for me when I listen to this album are Fu Manchu and Freedom Hawk.  The tunes are played slowly and deliberately, but done in such a way as to make the them come across as lively and upbeat.  Whatever description you want to give this band, they are a welcome discovery for me.  Their old-school hard rock guitar, bass and drums sound with a touch of fuzz puts them square in the middle of Stoner Rock country.  There are 4 or 5 tunes on the album that really stand out for me, and here is one of them; "Somniloquy":

and here's "Saint:"

The Heavy Eyes are from Memphis, Tennessee, and "He Dreams of Lions" is their third release.

  The Heavy Eyes are: 

Tripp Shumake:  Guitar, Vocals
Wally Anderson: Bass
Eric Garcia: Drums

Here's something I'm thankful for:  I have awesome music to listen to; not everybody does!
Happy Thanksgiving      -ULTRA

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