Friday, August 14, 2015

GLOWSUN – Beyond The Wall Of Time
France: Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

                This is the home of a well-kept secret in the world of stoner-rock: GLOWSUN.  They are a three-piece instrumental band which would be called heavy metal if not for the distinctive fuzz guitar sound they choose to play.  Guitar tone is quite often the fine line between a band getting labeled heavy metal versus stoner rock.  Anyhow, I digress.  Glowsun tunes probably average seven or eight minutes apiece, putting them in a category with bands like Karma to Burn, The Capricorns and Pelican, as opposed to instrumental bands like Earthless and Tia Carrera, for whom a twenty or thirty minute track is standard fare.  (Tia Carrera is not the chick from Wayne's World, but the heavy jam band from Austin Texas.)  Even though I appreciate super-long instrumental music, I don’t often play it.  KTB and Glowsun, however, make it into my weekly shuffle on a regular basis.  In fact, if I have seven or eight albums in my playlist for the week, having one instrumental album in there makes for nice variety and keeps it fresh.
                Enough about my preferences – let’s see if these tunes make you want to add some Glowsun to your own collection.  Here is  “Against the Clock” off the new album.  You will hear lyrics, but this is the only track on which you will experience this.  Tijuana Bob made me laugh; he is totally right about these “official lyric” videos.  Napalm records especially loves to pump them out.  This will make three posts in a row in which I have included a lyric video.  But they do tend to pick the best tunes to make these for, and their graphic designers do make the videos attractive.  Here goes:
Next is my favorite Glowsun tune, from 2012’s Eternal Season album.  This is “Reverse.”  It pretty much kicks ass at all times, but from 2:25 on is where it gives me some good goosebumps:
Glowsun is:

Jaccob Johan:  Guitar, (vocals)
Ronan Chiron: Bass 
Fabrice Cornille: Drums
PS: If anyone finds themselves looking for Glowsun's first album "The Sundering", I downloaded mine from  It's impossible to find anywhere else.   
Catch you next week – stay heavy!!   -ULTRA

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