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Am going away for a week so I thought I'd do a larger post.  When people use the term "Stoner Rock" they always reference the 1970's.  To me, stoner rock is just rock that still emphasizes the fundamental recipe of guitar, bass and drums.  Today we're reminiscing on some sounds from 1971.  First with some more obvious choices, and then with some more obscure ones.  What truly historic rock music was released in '71!!

No discussion of 1971 rock music can exist without Led Zeppelin IV.  I overdosed on this album long ago so heavily that I am not posting any tunes here.  But it's influence and greatness cannot be denied.  Every single track is great,

First listen is a reminder of how awesome Pink Floyd's "One of These Days" from the Meddle album is:

Now let's move towards the more usual realm of this site:  Master of Reality came out in 1971, and is quite possibly even more influential today than it was then.  I probably wore this one out as much as I did Led Zeppelin IV, but I still listen to this album:

Now let's start getting more obscure:  Thin Lizzy's self-titled first album.  Forget U2, this is the greatest Irish rock band of all time.  This is "Ray Gun."

Legendary guitarist Tommy Bolin was just breaking into the rock scene with the band Zephyr in 1971.  Here is "Showbizzy" off the album Going Back To Colorado:

Many of today's stoner rock bands cite Leaf Hound's album Growers of Mushroom as an influence.  It has quite a few cool tunes.  Here is "Stagnant Pool:"

Uriah Heep released two albums in '71:  Look At Yourself and Salisbury.  Here is "Bird of Prey" from Salisbury, set to a fake viral video of an eagle snatching up a child:  

And did any of you know about the Japanese band Blues Creation?  They released Demon and Eleven Children in 1971.  Here is "Brain Buster", one of my favorites from this album.  (whoever posted this on You-Tube did not pass spelling)
Also noteworthy:  
-  Budgie released their first album in 1971.  Metallica popularized two of Budgie's later tunes, "Breadfan" and "Crash Course In Brain Surgery."  I own Budgie's first five albums and love them all, but would say they are an acquired taste.

-  The infamous Lemmy was the singer for Hawkwind, who released their second album in 1971, In Search Of Space.
 Anyhow, let me know if I pissed you off by leaving something out from this year;  I have a few guesses as to what those complaints might be but will be curious to hear what comes up.  

I would say that the rock that I love today is indeed rooted in the 1970's, but couldn't have happened without the 50's and 60's.  It was around but obscured in the 80's and 90's, and has been flourishing since 2000.  I am currently convinced that 2015 will turn out to be one of the greatest years ever for the genre known as stoner rock. 

I will be back with more reviews in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, stay heavy and keep reading Grownman's posts; he's been lighting it up.  Over and out   -   ULTRA

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