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"ME"TAL 101 w/ TERROR's Martin Stewart

TERROR, the hardcore heavyweights are about to drop their "The 25th Hour" album off the Victory Records Label on Aug. 7th. Victory has been known for featuring some of the greatest Hardcore bands on the planet and it's a sure bet that the true kings of HC, TERROR, will be turning a lot of heads with their upcoming release. After hearing the new single "The Solution" off the "The 25th Hour", I had to reach out to the band to get some info about the new album and the state of hardcore music in general. The band is currently on tour and are eagerly awaiting the return of lead singer Scott Vogel as he recovers from a serious back injury. We wish him a speed recovery. It was an honor to speak with TERROR guitarist Martin Stewart, we hope you will give "The 25th Hour" all your hardcore love and check them out on tour this year.

HMT: So I've heard the new single, The Solution and I'm totally stoked about the new album "The 25th Hour". Tell me about the album's title and what it if anything was different about recording your sixth album?

Martin: Scott was the one that came up with the album title & when he mentioned it to me I had a whole rush of ideas as to what it meant to me. It might be different than what he had in his own mind but I think our ideas probably meet somewhere in the middle. 24 hours to me just isn’t enough. When it comes to the amount of work & dedication we put into this band, into hardcore music in general, we go beyond the normal 24 hours in a day. I think a lot of people that care about hardcore’s music & viability can relate to that. At the core of things, hardcore music is still DIY so it’s up to everyone involved to keep it moving. Sure there may have been lots of changes here & there with who’s dipping their hands in the areas where money is being made, but in the end, if all that were to disappear, you would find everyone in this band still on the frontline doing whatever necessary to make shit happen.

TERROR is Nick Jett, Scott Vogel, Martin StewartDavid WoodJordan Posner
HMT: Terror to me is Real Legitimate Hardcore. It seems a lot of bands these days put the cart before the horse with slick marketing, deliberate lyrical messages and catchy tshirt designs. I want to know where does your inspiration come from and what is your opinion on the current state of Hardcore music?

Martin: My personal inspiration comes from everything directly surrounding me. All the bands we tour with, the people I’m in the band with, the people that we work with, the promoters that we play for, the kids that come to our shows. We play lots of shows, do lots of tours, meet lots of people, and within all that there’s endless amounts of bullshit that we deal with. There’s also so much cool shit mixed in-between & that’s what me & everyone in this band focus on. There’s always been bullshit people making bullshit music for other bullshit people, that’s nothing new. From the beginning up to the current. If someone tells you they don’t fuck with the current state of hardcore music then they are part of the problem.

The 25th Hour available everywhere August 7th, 2015

HMT: I'm a diehard BURIED ALIVE fan, The Death of Your Perfect World, is my favorite hardcore record. Did Scott having a past relationship with the Victory Records label make it an easier transition for the band when you left Century Media and released Live By The Code? What made you decide to sign with the label four albums in?

Martin: I don’t think that it directly did. If anything, it was just the past experience in dealing with labels in general that made things smoother & smarter. The label switch just came & happened at a time where we needed something different for us. No cataclysmic event took place or anything.

HMT: I've noticed a lot of clubs trying to put a stop to moshing and stage diving, mostly out of fear of insurance issues. Do any club stipulations play a part in what type of venue you may be looking to play at during a tour? Is stage diving and moshing any more dangerous than the days when you were moshers and stage divers yourselves in your youth?

Martin: When it’s entirely up to us as a band we definitely try to play venues that have more of a DIY ethic to them. It’s usually going to be a much better experience for us & anyone at the show to play the local veteran’s hall versus a house of blues. But at the same time, we’ll play anywhere to anyone & make the best of any situation. It’s really hard to tell if things are any different than in my youth. The only thing that seems to be more dangerous is the use of a barricade in the first place. It seems to create a death trap.

HMT: You have a strong following in New England where I'm from, I think there are certain states that are really particular about their hardcore scene and from to new york to boston we might be the most loyal/judgemental. You guys play worldwide, where is your favorite place to play and where is your biggest fanbase from?

Martin: I think Los Angles might give you guys a run for your money when it comes to loyalty. We come from a place where we don’t get as much credit because NY & Boston were busy taking up the spotlight even though we were equally as active & influential. Los Angeles will forever be my favorite place to play & the place that means the most to me. Couldn’t say for sure where the biggest “fanbase” is but I can tell you that one time we played a festival in Germany to something like 25,000 people & it was the most stress I’ve ever experienced.

HMT: Lastly, you're about to embark on a Latin American tour in November. Will you guys have any off time? Are there any places or activities you're looking forward to?

Martin: Not sure if we have any time off there or not but we will definitely make time to explore like we always do. We’ve been there a few times before & always take advantage of the opportunity to experience the culture. Would love to be able to get myself to Machu Picchu or Easter Island but I don’t really think i’ll have time for something that extreme.

Want a taste of Terror's upcoming "The 25th Hour" release? Check out these badass videos below!
Don't forget to pick it up Aug. 7th, 2015.


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