Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Disturbed video/song...it aint half bad

The Vengeful One

So I guess this means Disturbed is back from a four year hiatus. New video, new song and a future album on the way. SO what does that mean to a non fan like me. I gave it a listen. The song isn't half bad. The mascot for the band, this creature with the glowing eyes and a hooded jacket reminds me of Iron Maiden's Eddie. I don't mind it. The video itself looks like some type of neo Ralph Bakshi animation. The video looks to be about a vengeful entity sent from god on a motorbike to destroy "big brother" and return the minds of "mericans" to their normal god fearing state of being. I've always had a problem with frontman Dave Draiman's stage demeanor and how he conducts a concert like he's some type of priest or preacher. I find it kinda hoaky and too theatrical for this heavy rock material the band plays. I wouldn't necessarily call the band metal. More like jock rock. Anyways, the band's new material isn't breaking ground but it's not really sounding like their early stuff, which was the last time I took the time to listen to them. I also don't miss the chimp sounding vocals he used to carry on with. All in all, if you're a Disturbed fan, you're probably gonna lose your shit for it. If you are barely a listener of the band, it makes for good background music while you're at work bloggin......

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