Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lamb of God premiere new video for 512 off their upcoming album.

Lamb of God are back and the time off has not softened the bands sound. Actually all of the events that have happened in the past few years have strengthened the bands resolve and inspired the band to take their music/interests/ideas to another level. In a highly documented case the bands frontman was held on charges that spawned from events at one of their Prague concerts in 2010. Unfortunately a fan lost his life after sustaining injuries at the show and Randall Blythe was charged with being responsible for those injuries despite evidence that the injuries may have occurred during an altercation with security. Randall was eventually acquitted in 2013 and has gone on to not only record a new album with Lamb of God but also write his own memoir (click hear to preorder) about his
experiences during the case, both will be out later this summer. For now check out this video for "512", one of their first singles off the new album, VII Sturm and Drang.

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