Monday, June 29, 2015

Act of Defiance featuring former Megadeth members release new video

ACT OF DEFIANCE make bold statement with their new track "Throwback"

For a band with a chock full of talent, this is how you come out of the gates and reintroduce yourself. Alongside former Megadeth members, Shawn Drover & Chris Broderick comes kickass Shadows Fall bassist Matt Bachand and a re-energized Scar the Martyr frontman Henry Derek to show their current and former bandmates a true "Act of Defiance". Drover and Broderick were essential members of the Megadeth lineup and this song clearly shows that there was a whole lot left in the tank when they departed. The band definitely has a heavier sound than what I'm used to hearing on the last three Megadeth albums and vocalist Derek is a completely different type of vocalist. This is a fresh start that sounds like it's moving in the right direction for all members involved. Time will only tell if this is a temporary stopover for Bachand who is set to rejoin Shadows Fall on a few upcoming dates. As a fan of Bachand's playing and singing I'm happy to hear that he is still doing what he loves and is able to branch out on a project just as his fellow Shadows Fall bandmate Jonathan Donais has done with Anthrax. Stay tuned to hear more from the band when they release their debut on Metalblade records.

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