Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Rewind

One of Us Is the Killer
The Dillinger Escape Plan

FRIDAY REWIND where we look back at a record that we may have overlooked and really dig long after it's release. The Dillinger Escape Plan's One of Us Is the Killer was well regarded by fans and critics alike when it was released in 2013. I was made a believer in the band by their opening set at a Deftones concert shortly before this album was released. The band had extremely high energy and successfully worked through a few sound issues to tear the roof off the place.

Today I decided to toss this album on again and give it a fresh listen.
This album has a nice mixture of freakout and off time signature moments. At times the band actually sounds like Faith No More on steroids which makes their earlier one off EP with Mike Patton on vocals make more sense. My favorite tracks are the more straight forward tunes that highlight the bands ability to strip down the wacky, over the top moments and stick to some really nice song writing. This is worth the time and effort to check out and get acclamated with a band that you'll soon realize doesn't get the credit it deserves in a world of clones who stay pretty close to the fringes of their own specific genres. The Dillinger Escape Plan take risks and have a high percentage of success!

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