Saturday, April 4, 2015


A Rock Classic!

Elder keeps getting better with each album.  The complexity of the songwriting, the variety of grooves provided by Nick and the level of perfection in the interplay between Nick, Matt and Jack give this album a level of replayability which makes it an instant classic. 

If you are new to Elder, they write really long tunes, but if you just play them a few times the songs will start to grab on and take root in your brain to the point where you feel they fly by.  It’s scary how far this Massachusetts band has come since its 2006 split with Queen Elephantine.  Elder truly doesn’t put out another album until they have succeeded in taking it to another level.  I will shut-up and you will listen:

I said they’ve come a long way since the split album, but don’t think Elder wasn’t bad-ass at any point in their career; check out their very first stuff.  What great sounds Nick pulled off on the very first album!

Elder is:
Nicholas DiSalvo - guitars, drums, keyboards, vocals 
Matthew Couto - drums
Jack Donovan - bass

Till Next Weekend:     -ULTRA

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