Sunday, March 1, 2015


Stoner Rock Around the World: Italian Edition

Italy is beginning to produce stoner rock bands at an impressive rate.  It is on my "To-Do-List" to familiarize myself with the new throwback bands coming out of Italy.  But for today, let's spotlight two time-tested pioneers of the Italian stoner rock scene:

BLACK RAINBOWS:  Gabriele Fiore is master of the riff, and has a guitar sound and songwriting style that are truly his own.  Black Rainbows  have quite a few albums, all of which are highly worthy.  This one starts off with some good cowbell, but THE Bruce Dickinson clearly did not direct this video.

Who else could be next but UFOMAMMUT, with "Hopscotch", from 2003's Snailking album.  Ufomammut is on the doom side of the stoner rock spectrum, with maybe even a touch of drone in there as well

I like this band way better than SLEEP; what do you think?  Next week: We may come back to MA before going back on world tour.  The decision is not final yet.  But to the several millions of readers of this post:  Stoner rock will never go away.    STAY HEAVY      -ULTRA

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