Saturday, March 7, 2015


New England Stoner Rock Nostalgia

Sometimes the "Stoner Rock" tag gets used on straight-up hard rock bands that never got mainstream attention.  These two New England bands always get labeled as stoner rock, yet would probably have just been called hard rock bands if they had ever gotten the attention they deserved.

First, from Allston, Massachussetts, the band is LAMONT, with the title track from their one and only album (which was never even officially released) "Thunder Boogie."  Seems like every now and again these guys do a reunion show but have moved on with their lives.  

Next is SCISSORFIGHT, from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Friends with the guys from Lamont, but way more prolific.  They remind me of Clutch with a bit more of a "fuck you" attitude.  Their early work is primitive, quite similar to Clutch's Transnational Speedway League album, but also like Clutch they became more masterful and elite as time wore on.  There are so many great Scissorfight tunes and albums; to this day I do not go more than a couple of months without having a Scissorfight album in my weekly music rotation.  This one's called  "Victory Over Horseshit", originally found on their "Jaggernaut" album.

Probably going across the ocean again next week, but until then, enjoy and stay heavy  -ULTRA

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