Saturday, March 14, 2015


CANADA !!!!!

First up: RUSH and then LOVERBOY!  


sHEAVY, from Newfoundland, home of the Beothuk!!!
Every album by Sheavy is highly worthy, but Disfigurine in particular is underrated.  Here is the epic "War on Titan".  Evan Chaulker kills it, especially his melodic soloing in the last minute and a half of the tune.  I have to think Evan was a big Michael Schenker fan.  This album represented new ground for Sheavy at the time.  

Now, from Toronto, it's ELECTRIC MAGMA.  They sound like nobody else, and nobody else sounds like them.  That right there is difficult to accomplish after so many years of the evolution of  rock music.  It's hard to imagine that a band this great is so obscure, but I'm tellin' a few people about them; how about you?  
So many great Electric Magma tunes are NOT posted on Youtube, but this one is:  it's called "Bongtastic Beerfoolery."  

Check in for some more international stoner rock next Sunday morning.  Until then, study your heavy metal textbooks, dammit!!!!


(ps: did anybody google Beothuk?)

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