Saturday, February 21, 2015


Stoner Rock Around the World: Japanese Edition (part 2)

CHURCH OF MISERY!!!  For the uninitiated, every Church of Misery tune is about a different serial killer.  Oh, and by the way, every Church of Misery tune is heavier than an anvil dropped on your foot.  This one is called "The Gray Man", and is about serial killer, rapist and cannibal Albert Fish (1870-1936).

A couple of guys from Church of Misery had this side project in 2003 called Sonic Flower.  They put out a single album, but it is a must-have for any Stoner Rock-o-phile.  I picked the tune "Astroqueen" to play here, but each of the six tunes on this album is equally awesome

Japanese Stoner Rock has that "in-your-face", heavy but almost flashy guitar sound.  Hope you enjoyed the Japanese part 1 and part 2 posts; We're hitting up some Italian Stoner Rock next Sunday.  Until then:  STAY HEAVY      -ULTRA

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