Saturday, February 14, 2015


Stoner Rock Around the World: Japanese Edition

Japanese Stoner Rock is all about the guitar.  First up is Eternal Elysium, from the year 2000's  classic album "Spiritualized D".  The tune is called "Floating Downer."  

Next is Boris.  This band named themselves after a tune by the Melvins.  Much like the Melvins, this band is a nebulous, shifting, changing entity, impossible to categorize and never content sticking to any one particular type of sound for long.  The one constant is great guitar.  Here is "Kane - The Bell Tower of a Sign"  from the "Heavy Rocks" album from 2002.  Turn this one up!
That's all for this week; more Japanese Stoner Rock next week because there is just too much awesome heavy Japanese Rock out there to move on after posting only two tunes.  Rock on  - ULTRA

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