Saturday, February 7, 2015


Stoner Rock Around the World: Australian Edition

The band is Looking Glass (not the same as the 70's band by the same name).  The tune is "Spiral Altar".  You can pick this album up for $5 on Bandcamp here:  Every one of the seven tunes on it is all-star quality.  Very heavy, Sabbath-inspired, doomy stoner rock.  I love the bass sound on this album.

Next up is Thumlock, with "Modulator".  This band is no more, but they put out two great albums, both of which belong in any stoner rock connoisseur's collection.  Thumlock had such an awesome take on the "fuzz" guitar sound.

That's all for now; we're gonna hit up some Japanese stoner rock next week.  Until then, "Stay Heavy"!!!

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