Wednesday, February 25, 2015

LOTD! Henry Rollins

A new Henry and Heidi podcast just showed up in my itunes and today the subject of that Podcast is the Rollins Band. So today's listen delves back into an underrated Rollins Band album, Come in and Burn. I will always recall picking this up at a Lechmere's retail store that was going out of business. It still brings me back to the careless and pissed off days of my youth. Enjoy this and the podcast.  Subscribe to the podcast here:


  1. Lechmere was awesome; Electronics and music was their specialty, but you could buy sporting goods and other miscellaneous stuff there too. Definitely different than the other department stores: Zayre's, Bradlees, Woolworth, and the like (anybody remember Mammoth Mart?)

  2. Used to go there because it had the most competitive prices for dvds and cds. I miss those days where you'd pick up a flyer and compare the prices of cds at circuit city and lechmere.