Saturday, January 10, 2015


This first tune is by one of my top 4 favorite bands, Solace.  Tommy Southard is one of the coolest guitar players in rock.  I appreciate his awesome tones and bad-ass riffs.  I could have picked any tune by Solace, since there isn't a single tune they've ever put out that doesn't severely kick ass.  I just felt like hearing some "Whistle Pig":

Let's go way-back to the 70's, to the first Judas Priest album, Rocka Rolla; still one of my favorite Priest albums, and one of my favorite albums by anyone, for that matter.  This is the lead track, "One For The Road".  "Where would you be....without music?   You would be nowhere at all!!!"

That's all till next week; Rock on!!!     -ULTRA

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