Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Puma's Horror Movie Review - The Lost Boys

Release Date - July 31st, 1987
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Primary Actors: Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Alex Winter, Jamison Newlander, and Barnard Hughes.

   Welcome back to another addition of Puma's Horror Movie review and if you're like me, your thankful for the fact that by end of this treacherous holiday season, there might just be a few good horror flicks in your stocking. Growing up in the 1980's, there were so many different choices of films you could actually get excited about. Nowadays, they're few and far between. Hollywood seems to have no idea what to do with the genre, they just continue to insult our intelligence by remaking or rehashing the same shit we saw thirty years ago. All the greats, ruined by a generation owned by Jk Rowling. I'm sorry but my world is not fifty shades of twilight. They've ruined my youth seemingly without ever looking back at what made that time so great, originality. Yes all of the great films have fallen, except one.

Sam & Michael
   In 1987 a movie came out that would change the landscape of horror to pop culture forever. Directed by Joel Schumacher, The Lost Boys is a story about two brothers who, with their mother, move from Arizona to Santa Carla California to live with their grandfather and get a fresh start. Upon arriving they quickly realize they're out of their element and have settled down as to what the locals affectionately refer to as "The Murder Capitol Of The World". Sam and Michael, played by Corey Haim and Jason Patrick, decide to not be confined to their grandfather's old school ways and venture out separately to seek a reprieve and find excitement. Little do they know its more then they bargained for. Sam stumbles upon a comic book store run by a bunch of washed out hippies and their sons, known as the The Frog Brothers. As Sam grazes through the selection of high colored prints, the Frogs try to inject some local folklore into the meeting by introducing Sam to a stack of horror comics that Edgar, played by Cory Feldman, claims could one day save his life.

    Meanwhile, Sam's older brother Michael is busy venturing the boardwalk when he meets a beautiful girl named Star, played by Jaime Gertz. Star and Michael flirt as they walk along until David, played by Keifer Sutherland and his group of young misfits show up and challenge Michael to a race to the bluffs. Michael accepts and nearly comes close to losing his life, which seems to excite and impress David, who then invites Michael back to the gangs hide out for some heavily needed libations. He is courted and mesmerized by the power of freedom shown by these lost boys and is eventually offered some wine to drink, which Star tells him is blood. Not to be denied the good time, Michael drinks the wine and finds himself drifting further into a euphoric state of mind body and soul. When he awakes the next morning he finds that his body's weak and the sunlight seems to bring pain to his eyes. Unbeknownst to him, Michael has joined the ranks of the undead, almost.With the help of Sam and his new friends, The Frog brothers, Michael is determined to undo this curse and seek out and destroy the coven of bloodsuckers that made him this way.
   Lost Boys became an instant classic now and forever. With a who's who of a cast and action packed terror, what's not to love about this movie? Lost Boys takes me to several different places and was the integral film that helped me seal the deal with my wife. If you've never seen it, see it!

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