Saturday, December 13, 2014


First up: The Grand Astoria.  If you haven't heard this tune yet, you are in for a treat.  Kamille Sharapodinov is not just good, he is a guitar genius -  a true prodigy.  This tune does not really paint a good picture of what the band is about, but no Grand Astoria tune does, since this band from St. Petersberg covers so much musical ground, from one album to the next, and within each album.  Stoner Rock gets to claim this band overall, even though so many of their tunes are outside the category's realm.  This particular tune, "The Serpent And The Garden of Eden" is probably best described as psychedelic Prog Metal.  It is long, but so worth the 14+ minutes.  If 14 minutes is too long an investment for a band you know nothing about, bump up to the 4:45 minute mark and linger, then hit up the 10:30 mark before you move on. 

Next: One of my four favorite bands, Solace, covering "World War" by The Cure.  Set to the Techno Viking video - could not be more classic.  I sure hope we'll get another Solace album someday.

Until next week; Thanks Grownman - Freakin' quality blog you run!!!

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