Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grownman's Fast Finds - No Seasonal Cheer

We're already into our second week of the holiday season. Yeah that time of year where you spend too much on presents so you can be utterly depressed for the first few months of the new year paying it off. Your only hope is that spiked punch, shots of some type of strong liquor and a full spread of those small hot dogs drenched in sauce are at arms length when the time for a Christmas eve gathering comes around. Before you get to that extravagant spread make sure some of these tunes are playing on your car stereo. They may just inspire you to drive through some christmas trees stands and run over grandma in the process.

My Ancient Roots
Forest Cult
Depressive Black Metal from Finland. This is the first I've heard of the band and this pretty much captures my own experiences in the wilds of a cold and isolated winter. The black metal screech on this is on point. The slow parts remind me a bit of Woods of Ypres with a recipe of Peter Steele'ish vocals performed in a droll affectation.

Clinamen | Episteme
by Inquisitor
Boom, hear those rolling rhythms over those Black Metally vocals. The precision of the percussion on this is not to be missed. They call themselves Avante Garde and the tag line fits. With elements of black metal, Death & faith no more-ish riffs and some really evil vocals, the band will satisfy the appetites of metal heads and the more refined artsy types. My head was nodding and banging right from the start. Lithuania you done me good.

You Fancy Me Mad
by Earlyman
The interesting album cover intrigued me I must admit. The first track's excellent 70's riff magic pulled me in. About a minute into the track I started to wildly clap my hands over my head like Ozzy. The vocals kicked in and I was like holy crap, wasn't expecting that. It's got it's own thing going. Hazy, stoned out vocals trapped inside a fishbowling car of teenagers. Earlyman should be listened to at high decibels on a proper stereo within earshot of a pinball table. As the kids say it, I'll just leave this here.

From Hell
This duo from Indonesia play a unique brand of black metal that incorporates progressive and experimental elements. It's fast, heavy and extremely pleasing to the ear. The progressive and experimental moments give each track real depth. For four tracks packed to the gills(shortest coming in over six minutes) it never gets out of hand or lost in monotony. As someone not really into bands mixing jazz into metal, I was surprised how much I enjoyed those small hints of jazzy experimentation that pop up throughout each track. They may appear very miniscule in the grand scheme of things but are essential to the overall texture of the atmospheric nature of the album.

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