Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Grownman's Fast Finds - The Last Ride

We've taken the old heavy metal jalopy through time and space this year. 2014 is on death's door and It's time to take this decrepit gremlin for a nose dive into Marianas Trench. What better soundtrack to drive your vehicle straight into hell with than our final batch of Fast Finds! We hope to see everyone of our readers on the other side in 2015! Stay Heavy, Stay Metal!


Chris Barnes vocals are synonymous with depraved death metal (see cannibal corpse, six feet under) and IHATE is the perfect vehicle for more of his demented cookie monster vocals. This is the fastest straight up death metal outfit he's been a part of in years.

Jason... The Dragon
by Weedeater

Way to round out the year with this great release by Weedeater. I've dug these guys for awhile. Doom riffs for miles! This is an even harsher sounding journey than their previous efforts. Jason... the Dragon is a leviathan worthy of your attention.

the departure of consciousness

Sludge from Boston that'll melt your face off. The toxicity of the vocals will permeate your brain and the rhythmic dirge will infect your inner being.

It's Midnight...The Witching Hour!
by Hookers

One of the most entertaining albums of the year. Tasty hardcore punk about dark shit. That's all I have to say.

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