Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grownman's Fast Finds - November

Hello people. We survived Halloween and all the festivities. Rock and Shock in Worcester was amazing. Taking photos in the ole Salem cemetery was a blast. All the revelry of dressing up as an obscure character and traipsing our asses around the mall is done. Rhode Island Comic Con? F-that(we'll recap later) Now it's time to get down to business. There are several new releases I wanna cover with the quickness. All quality albums that deserve to be on your playlist. Like a dysfunctional family reunion the brothers Cavalera amp up their classic Sepultura roots and grind out some vicious slabs of pure ear joy. Davey Havoc tears off the lace and leather and embraces the fire inside for a raucous set of straight edge meets industrial metal.  What's better than a slice of pie? Sex and Horror. Twist Ending's new album sounds like a soundtrack to making whoopie in the morgue. No Heroes' latest release will snap your wishbone while O.B. City puts a second helping of the funnies on your dinner plate. Ok Ok. Nuff with the turkey day references. Listen, share and buy all of these albums. It'll at least drown out all those awkward conversations you're sure to have with that one sweatpant wearing redneck cousin that bears a strong resemblance to Ed Gein.

by Cavalera Conspiracy
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Pandemonium is exactly what I was expecting from Igor and Max when I first heard about this project a few years back. Each of the Cavalera Conspiracy past albums have showcased the brother's potency in extreme and old school thrash/deathy/brazilian groove metal. This album takes the music back to it's roots. This is as raw and powerful as Sepultura's early work. Does that mean it's dated? Hell No. Somehow this all seems to work in the present and breathes new life into the Cavalera legacy. The bros. Cavalera continue to push the boundaries of sound and brutality while maintaining that oh so tasty groove. Add the talents of Converge's bassist Nate Newton and Soufly's axe man Marc Rizzo to the mix and you'll have a hard time coming up with a heavy lineup that compliments each other as well as this one. Seriously Rizzo is playing as well as any metal guitar aficionado out there these days. He's making this look downright easy. Newton's experienced bass and added vocals are essential in rounding out the grindcore-esque portions of the album. For Fans of Early Sepultura, Later Soufly and Nailbomb

(Demo)(LP TBA)
by Xtrmst
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New music from Afi's Davey Havok? I'll take it. My musical tastes know few boundaries and straight edge music has always resided somewhere around those outer reaches. While this is considered and tagged with the markings of "Straight Edge" this sounds like a mash up of old school hardcore hostility packaged in modern industrial metal music(think snapcase meets meshuggah/fear factory) Havok's strains & screams will remind the fans that before all that "miss murder may I" business AFI could really tear the balls off ya. Can't wait for the full release. Super DJ Steve Aoki produced this album through his Dim Mak label and this is the first time in years he's ventured back into anything resembling hardcore.

Musica di Muerte
by Twist Ending

This is an unorthodox album where sexy soundbytes mingle with twisted horror metal and it's a hell of a listen. Impetigo's Stevo do Caixão joins forces with one of my favorite underground metal artists Vanessa Nocera to create a feast for the senses. Raw and unadulterated thrashiness that echoes and curdles in all the right places like a pair of your well worn, sexy-time latex undergarments. Percussionist Gregg il Macellaio does a bang up job on "Evil Iris" a track about a female corpse rising from the dead to get her freak on.
Yeah it's that kind of record. Get it.

The Colorless Condition
by No Heroes

Hello, this is intense. Like a barking pitbull frothing in your face. The mixture of screaming and haunting vocals over a total all out assault of aural chaos. Elements of grindcore, crust, post hardcore and extreme metal all coming together to kick your ass and you'll like it damnit.

Death Before Decaf
by O.B.City

Straight up funny shit. If the title of the band doesn't give you the awkward snorts then you have no sense of humor. This is like a cross between bad brains, old school thrash and the local slacker with the shit eating grin who walks around the mall with his dick head friends causing havoc when the security guard decides to flirt with the cheap jewelry stand attendant. All jokes aside every track on this album is executed really well for a band that patterns themselves off as slapstick as they do. "My girlfriend is a Vegan" would fit on a lot of thrash albums without a trailer hitch. That's no broccoli.

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