Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fast Finds

We go dark this week. Morose, heavy and into the unknown. There are no google maps for where we are going.

Bells on the Black Hour
A Poisoned Psalm
Eternal Khan

These three gentleman from Providence, Rhode Island know their blackened doom metal. Powerful opening track that begins like a soundtrack to a Hammer Film and turns into a pummeling Venom-like journey into the unknown. I really enjoy the slight middle eastern plucking riffs that show up in places along this track. (Review coming soon)

The Flame of Life...burns no more

Depressingly beautiful music with an inspirational speech laid over the track.
There is also a version without the speech for those who want to hear a slightly more morose version.

The Walls Conclave

The Walls Conclave are a healthy amount of Death and Hardcore with a slice of Grind for good measure coming out of Germany. Chunky riffs and hoarse vocals make for a pretty compelling record. I enjoy that the band doesn't follow the path that a lot of bands trying to be the next Chelsea Grin are doing these days. The variation in vocal styles are subtle and brutal.The musicianship of the band is beastly.

  Check out the track "Slaughter" for an entertaining romp and stomp.

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