Friday, October 3, 2014

Fast Finds

Hell it's been awhile since I've been able to compile a Fast Finds. This list will be a bit longer than usual to make up for it's absence. Just like the movie "The Wraith" which inspired the above banner, this list is fast and full of vengeance. Well except for Lone Wanderer which is really slow but damn it's still brutal. Strap it, crank it and enjoy.

Relapse Sampler 2014

Amazing lineup of tracks and bands (Death, Obituary and Ringworm to name just a few) on this. You can not go wrong with this sampler. Great way to find out about some new music from the label as well.

Legions of Decay
Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal

I had this idea years ago when I was working on a comic book with some friends. This album is based on Zombie International's "All Undead on the Western Front" zombie comic and along with this cd comes some of the great art from that book. It's all about zombies these days and this first single is quality metal.

A World Lit Only By Fire

Coming off the highly praised(by me) Decline and Fall EP, this is a step in a much heavier direction. These slow, bone crunching riffs are incredible. Extreme contrast as always to Broadrick's Jesu project, this album comes at you with evil intent.
"Imperator" is my favorite track on this.

Lone Wanderer
Principles EP

The Principles EP is a strong concoction of gutteral vocals and unsettling funeral doom riffs that can and will peel the paint off your walls. Shortest song comes in at over 10 minutes so this may be a journey you might not want to wander alone on. Get it Lone Wanderer? Seriously, this is a really nice mix of traditional funeral doom with a smattering of beautiful instrumental spots. Toss this album on while you light a fire in the backyard. I promise I will not look at what you're burning.

Here's to The Afterlife

Some great horror punk in the style of Grave's Era Misfits. These fiends are "out for blood". Fun EP for the Fall.

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