Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review - Godmaker

The good folks at Godmaker, have given us a sneak preview of their new 4 track LP. It's quite possibly one of the best stoner, doom, sludgy, hardcore efforts of 2014. That's saying something considering the abundance of bands releasing quality albums this year. Godmaker are a unique Brooklyn metal outfit comprised of a few guys from New York and a few from Kansas. All our bonded by their relationship with their respective hardcore scenes. 

Below I lay out a track by track analysis since doing a simple overview would not do this album justice. Enjoy it, Share it, Buy it.

When I first heard Megalith which was streaming on Godmaker's band camp page I had to stop what I was doing and immediately share it with our readers as a LOTD! That doesn't happen often. I was floored by the production and musicianship for starters. The thunderous drums, riff and rhythm of it's intro is so vicious and then we hit the slower stoner transition. Man prepare yourself for a fucking ride. The rawness of the vocals are a perfect compliment to the heavy rhythm section flowing up front. There is indeed a method to their groovy madness as the band slide scales between fast and slow breakdowns. It comes off as something akin to rhythmically tossing gas on a flame. The interplay between all the elements of the band is so heavy and spot on.

Shallow Points definitely hits the right Sabbathian notes with me. I love this track. With a groove nice and slow, making your head nod along with each riff. This is as good as it gets people. The haunting vocals and slower transitions are powerful. Just listen to those drummmmms. The old school drum roll is perfectly placed in a transition that flows into a tasty rhythm that I wish would never end.

Desk Murder, by gawd. Anyone that knows my musical fandom for that Kyuss riff will know when they hear this track ignite how much of a tent I pitched.
The vocals are so distraught they echo and then methodically haunt over a chuggy riff roller coaster. The proggy rhythms are beautiful. This is a band that knows the ins and out of constructing something thats as interesting as it is heavy. Once again this has a groove that I find a lot of bands that try to play sludgy or heavy lack these days.

Faded Glory has an incredible bass driven groove. It brings to mind some of my favorite Down tunes. There is more of a jammy feel to the track and it comes around full circle to Megalith's intro. This musical journey was well planned out.

Godmaker are a force to be reckoned with. Four tracks of heavy, sludgy, stoner-esque riffage and rhythms that will keep your head bobbing on a swivel. Melodies and distraught vocals that soar over a barrage of thunderous devastation. Get this album.

Godmaker is
Andrew Archey (bass)
Jon Lane (drums) 
Pete Ross (Vox / Guitars)
Chris Strait (guitars)

Godmaker's debut self-titled release is due November 11, 2014 on Aqualamb and will be available digitally, as well as part of a new 100-page book format, featuring the artwork of Joseph Silver and Stephen Wilson. A special, limited edition cassette tape will also be available through Dullest Records. The 4-song, 33-minute LP was produced and mixed by Justin Mantooth and recorded with the help of Phil Duke.

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