Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HMT's Album of the Week! Order & Listen to Iron Reagan's The Tyranny of Will on Bandcamp

The Tyranny of Will
Iron Reagan

A few months ago we interviewed Tony Foresta, frontman for Iron Reagan (& Municipal Waste), about the goings on with the band and the future. He hinted at what we could expect and I'm proud to say the band has really delivered.

From their very first Demo they've been a legit force to be reckoned with. Their thrash/crossover sound is so true to the genre that if I didn't know better I'd think they were actually straight out of the mid to late 80's scene.

The Tyranny of Will is 25 tracks of hard charging, in your face, hardcore/thrash and it's all good. Yes, every track brings it. Every time I pick a favorite another one pops up. That's what I call a great complete album.

Early Hardcore critiqued Washington politics and government. Iron Reagan carry on that tradition. From their bloody cover art depicting famous politicians being destroyed to their lyrics that skewer political rhetoric, Iron Reagan indeed pull no punches. If you're looking for a good example, "Four More Years" lyrics is a pretty great critique on modern politicians.

"What I really need now 
Is just a little more time?
To make the wrong decisions 
To put us years behind "

So this week I chose to stamp The Tyranny of Will with the "Album of the Week". It's more than well deserved. There are a number of bands who bow to the holy grail of Slayer, Venom and the likes. There are many bands who carry the banner for the heyday of punk and the crossover movement but there are very few who carve their own mark into a genre like Iron Reagan. These guys are pushing this style of music into the stratosphere, a stratosphere where even the Star Wars program won't take it down.....Yeah, I went there.
Iron Reagan

Check out and order the album now on Iron Reagan's bandcamp page. 
Also check out their previous releases as well.

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