Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Decline and Fall EP

   Sometimes Godflesh's music is akin to listening to the rhythm of a water droplet hitting the base of a porcelain sink. The monotony can be enough to drive some people to take a wrench, lock down every faucet, put a for sale sign on the lawn and drive their minivan off the nearest cliff. For people like myself, it's intriguing enough to want to turn open all the valves and wade in the flood of industrial sludge. Their is simplicity in the construct of the mechanical dirge and the delivery of gut punch vocals that breaks the barrier between just listening to a record and feeling it. I've become a huge fan of Justin Broaderick's side gig in JESU, one of the most beautifully depressing bands of all time. Godflesh are the evil stepfather of JESU. For years, the band has influenced a slew of other industrial metal bands. Many of those followers went on to build their own factories of fear off the multifaceted Godflesh floor plan. The current Godflesh sound is as stripped down as it's ever been. Dare I say, this is their most accessible (to the willing) release they've ever come up with. Broaderick's vocals have always sounded to me like the accompanying gun fire to an all out mortar attack. As the music disperses through your ear drums the quake of Broderick's vocal spurts patter against the cerebral cortex until all senses are one. Anticipating the full release will be as great as this EP. Run don't walk when it comes out. - review by grownman

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