Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ultra Review: Wo Fat

WO FAT: The Conjuring

New Wo Fat: ‘Nuff Said

                If you are already familiar with Wo Fat, the fact that there’s a new album out is all you need to know.  You know that Wo Fat albums follow the formula: New Album ≥ Previous Album.   Stop reading and go grab the album; “No ones or zeros baby!”  If you are unfamiliar with Wo Fat, let me put it like this:  If someone asked you the question “Who’s the most bad-ass sounding three piece rock band from Texas there’s ever been?”,  ZZ Top wouldn’t be a wrong answer, it would just be an answer that shows you haven’t heard of Wo Fat.  Kent Stump, Tim Wilson and Michael Walter have put out five albums in six years, and none of them has a single tune that doesn’t kick major ass.  They are always included in the Stoner Rock category, but I would say their music falls more specifically in the category of “Heavy Psych”.  The warm, heavy fuzz of Kent Stump’s guitar sound is unparalleled, and his playing is ever-evolving throughout each tune.  I have listened to Wo Fat tunes countless times and can still find new things to appreciate about Kent’s playing.  The last three albums have only five tunes apiece, but the average song length is probably around eight minutes, and a couple of the tunes on these albums are over fifteen minutes long.  My favorite tune on “The Conjuring” album is “Dreamwalker”.  Most bands who put out a seventeen minute tune lose my attention well before the halfway point, and I usually don’t want to make the time commitment required to listen to it multiple times.  Wo Fat is different though.  “Dreamwalker sets a mood right away, and draws me in, pulling me along as the song evolves and develops.  It is not an instrumental, but the way it creates such a powerful atmosphere reminds me of two of my favorite Wo Fat tunes, “The Spheres Beyond” and “Noche Del Chupacabra”, both instrumentals.  Rather than including a clip of one of the new tunes, I am referring you to a live version of a tune from Wo Fat’s first album.  The band’s sound has evolved quite a bit, but this version of “From Beyond” should give the uninitiated a good taste of what the band is about. 

“From Beyond”   

Wo Fat is:

Kent Stump: Guitar
Tim Wilson: Bass
Michael Walter: Drums (Baterie Mastodontica as he calls it), backup vocals

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