Monday, July 14, 2014

First official single "I AM NOTHING" released off Electric Wizard's TIME TO DIE

The long awaited return of Electric Wizard is upon us. The first single "I Am Nothing" was released today via Soundcloud link below. The release date for this behemoth of an album will be Sept. 30th. It's their first release off the Spinefarm label.

As an extremely loyal fan of this band despite the member line up changes and the infrequent touring/releases, this is a welcomed single. The band sounds like they are on a less kinder high than their Dopethrone days as the vocals sound even more unhinged than previous efforts. (Think the local druggie in town who swears he's clean but has that thousand yard stare deep beneath his furrowed brow.)The really upfront sawing effect of the guitars on this track almost completely drown out the signature vocals of Jus Osborn but don't they always? It's always difficult for me to hear just one Electric Wizard track. Their albums are epic doom opus' that need to be listened the whole way through so while it's a great early gift for the fans, it only leaves me wanting a lot more. The production sounds good but early releases are always suspect and could be retooled before the final mastering. Sept. 30th can't come soon enough.

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