Monday, July 7, 2014

Faith No More = End of Hipsterism?

Faith No More perform two new songs live. 

Now a new generation of music listening fans can make up their own opinions on Faith No More without their hipster dads telling them how cool Faith No More was for leaving the scene at the top of their game. No burning out or Fading away. No more mustache wearing, plaid shirt buying, grass fed organic meat eating bullshit. Faith No More did not simply reunite to cash in. They decided to play again because they have more to say and it's time to starting saying it.
Mike Patton has never created music for the masses. He makes music for himself. Just check out some of his barely listenable late 90's material. Sadly hipsters gleam on stuff like that. Even when they are not fans of the band when it's actually quite ok to like bands because they are relevant, these bow tie wearing nit wits will fondly recall liking a band when it wasn't cool. I'm a party to being nonconformist. Not because it makes me popular or fits nicely in text on a tshirt. I'm abhorred by the idea that not being"in" is the "in thing" to do. So I barely exist when it comes to mainstream. I like the anonymity.
Faith No More return with not one but two songs. One is better than the other, I'll let you decide. The band is great but FNM is Mike Patton. When I wanna hear a Faith No More song, it means I wanna hear something more listenable of Mike Patton's. Something more than the avant-garde, screaming down an alleyway until he pukes up some sorta Warner Bros porno cartoon. It does not mean there aren't times when I do wanna hear that too.
Mike like Henry (black flag) were not the first vocalists in their band but they most certainly are the best and most memorable. Both influenced a range of audiences that even included those outside of the "local rolling their ankles on curbs trying to perform a sweet ollie" kids.
So I'm excited to hear new music from Patton and crew. Hopefully the new music connects with new teens and adults that are actually fans. You know the adults who work 9 to 5er, non tech jobs. People with lifestyles that do not include trying to fit into the same size pair of pants that they wore when they were ten. The ones who don't grease their hair or roll the tips of their mustaches. The ones who don't coordinate their misfits vans with their uber cool matching misfits suspenders they just purchased online on a punk website.
Faith No More never conformed. Not because it was cool. They just had something to say and what they usually said weeded out fake people with fake ideas about what music should be.
- grownman

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