Friday, June 6, 2014

Ultra Review - Fu Manchu's Gigantoid

FU MANCHU - Gigantoid

       Picture a black-light poster of a rock band playing in a dingy room.  The band members have long hair and denim jackets, and possibly skeleton faces (black light posters were big on skeletons in my recollection).  What that band would sound like is Fu Manchu.  If there is such a thing as the stereotypical California stoner rock band, Fu Manchu is that band.  Three to Five minute songs that catch your ear right away, and have several bad-ass sounding riffs per tune.  Their music manages to accomplish a lively, energetic vibe while actually being fairly slow and deliberate.  The vocals sound way cool, yet any guy off the street could sing any Fu Manchu tune.  The band has been putting out consistently cool music for a good twenty years now, yet some albums are more classic than others.  For me Gigantoid goes in the same category as a couple of my favorites, “The Action Is Go”, and “King Of The Road.”  There is one tune that breaks the typical Fu Manchu mold, and it’s the tune “The Last Question.”  It’s reminiscent of “Out To Sea” from the “Start the Machine” album in that it is mood music and not riff-based.  It’s so well done though that you will count it a welcome addition to the album.  One of my favorites is “Evolution Machine.”  When you pick up the album, listen to Bob’s shredding at 3:30 on Evolution Machine; it’s ultra-tasteful.  In 2014 we have not just new Fu Manchu, but classic Fu Manchu.  -Ultra

Check out "Robotic Invasion"

Scott Hill:  Vocals, Guitar 
Brad Davis: Bass
Bob Balch: Guitar
Scott Reeder: Drums

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